Video, Photography & Editing


Video: We offer 1 Camera shoots up to 8 cameras. We shoot Live concerts, Weddings, Music Videos, directed and shot by AKA, Documentaries, Corporate Videos and small to mid size businesses Also offering Photography

Editing: Video editing using both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro is were creativity runs free and the magic really happens! A.K.A. Media Groups video editing services offer a full library of music and sound effects as well as professional narration, & special effects available. The Editing process is simple No need to sit in the editing studio, we will keep you informed every step of the way using private links so you can see progress.
Once completed we can export videos to any web standards, embed to your website, upload to youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox or other social media site, the result will be engaging and impress your audience!

This is a very small sample of my work. Please reach out and I am happy to send you more links


My experience working with Karen Alvarez was excellent.
She is very professional and passionate about her work.
She has a good creative eye and is able capture the essence of the live performance.
She has good gear and good ideas.
Also very easy to work with in post production and the editing the process .

I highly recommend her for video production,

Tommy Castro